Parents don’t really know their children. Bet you didn’t know that I write in a journal almost everyday. Bet you didn’t know that my teacher says I should be a writer bc I’m very wise and I look at life from a different perspective than most. Bet you didn’t know all that, did you mama and daddy?

Forever Young

You know that saying “I wanna be forever young”? Well guess what.. Wyatt, you’ll always be forever young. To everyone who has ever heard of you, you will always be remembered as forever young. No one will ever know you as a teenager or an adult. You’ll always be known as a young child. You were the child chosen to be taken up to heaven and to be remembered as forever young. Forever young is amazing..

2 Roads.

You only have 1 life.. and we all know this. But sometimes, something major happens and it seems like your life is split into 2 parts. The one before the major event, and the one after. Well mine was split into 2 on the day that Wyatt died. When I’m talking about the past, I catch myself saying “before Wyatt died..” or “after Wyatt died..” I just can’t help it.

My life is like 2 roads now. I was walking along one road and I came up to a road block. So I start along a new road and the 1st road is now just a blur. When I think of the 1st road, It seems like I didn’t know what I had, when I had it. Just living, is a privilege. And I didn’t realize that before Wyatt died (When I came up on the road block). Now I’m traveling on the 2nd road, with more realization, and more love. God let me live for a reason. God took Wyatt for a reason. I have some kind of purpose on this world and I know this because I’m alive. I don’t want to JUST live. I want to leave a name for myself when I’m gone. I want to do something big..

Another Angel..

God gained another angel early this morning, January 25th. Wyatt’s sweet grandma gained her angel wings this morning. At least I feel safe knowing that Wyatt has someone watching over him. I bet she is rocking him in a rocking chair on his angel versary this month. What a coincidence that this is all taking place on the 25th. Pray for the Higgins family. <3

He was born silent. Not a sound at all. But his life is loud. Forever making sound.

Olivia Heath

I feel like i’ve walked through smoke and i can’t get it out of my body. It’s forever inside of me and apart of me. He is forever apart of me, in my soul, in my brain, and in my heart.

Olivia Heath

These moments.

Today is a day that I remember him the most. When I step outside and see the pinwheel spinning, knowing that he’s telling me a story about what he’s doing in heaven. When I’m standing in the yard and the wind blows, I know he’s hugging me and telling me that we are 8 months closer to meeting. When I see a huge cloud shaped like a heart, I know he’s telling me that he loves me. And I love him too. These are the days that I live for..

Happy New Years Eve.! Be good to me 2013!!!

Happy New Years Eve.! Be good to me 2013!!!

The New Year.!

Dear 2012,
Thank goodness ur gone! 2012, u have brought pain, tears, and a broken heart. But aside from that, I gained a life lesson that I will always remember. You took my perfect cousin away and when he left, he took a piece of my heart. But taking him away taught me to live life with no regrets bc I won’t live forever, and some people don’t even get to live as long as I have. Thank you for teaching me a lesson! But 2012, I will always be mad at u for taking my cousin away from me! Ps. Tell 2013 to be good to me!!

Christmas morning I should have opened my presents and then called my bubba to see what Baby Wyatt got for Christmas. Instead, on Christmas morning I opened my presents knowing that I wouldn’t get to know what Wyatt got for Christmas. I only knew that Wyatt knew what I got bc I know that he was watching me on Christmas morning, and hoping that I would be happy that day bc it’s Jesus’s birthday and his 8 month angel-versery. Well I was happy. But not a moment went by that I wasn’t thinking of my perfect guardian angel, looking down on me and smiling. <3